What to Do? Love.

A gentle reminder popped up on my phone yesterday that still resonates so deeply. This work is so love-fueled. I find sources for that inspiration in so many places. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I do:

Our time in this magical world is so much more brief and precious than we realize. Spend it on love.

Spend it on the people, on the animals, in the places that make you peaceful, blissful, awake, alive. Spend it in pristine silences and joyful clatter.

Spend it giving all of yourself, fearlessly. Spend it being your authentic self. Spend it with eyes wide open to all that calls to gratitude.

Spend it letting go of what does not matter. Spend it on that which summons the best of you, which makes you more than you imagined you could be, something that leaves you replete, something that makes you new.

Spend it opened, true, unafraid. Spend it choosing that which makes you most fully alive…

Spend it, every sweet moment of it, on love.

~ Laura Hillenbrand