Pre-order Robyn's new book, Seeding Innovation: BUY IT NOW
Pre-order Robyn's new book, Seeding Innovation: BUY IT NOW
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Robyn O’Brien is a bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur and investor who thrives at the intersection of courage, authenticity, innovation and leadership. Her critically acclaimed books The Unhealthy Truth, How Our Food is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It (2009) and Seeding Innovation, the Path to Purpose and Profit in the 21st Century (2024) established her as a thought leader and changemaker. She is a partner at Montcalm and was listed on the Forbes Impact 50 List for her work at the intersection of food, finance and climate

Robyn O'Brien speaking into a yellow covered microphone with a slight smile looking off to the right. She is wearing a purple sleeveless shirt.

THE WORK Speaker & 
Thought Leader

Robyn is an internationally recognized speaker whose thought leadership on courage, innovation, culture, authenticity, and disruption drive transformative change.  Her renowned TED talk with over 1.5 million views, has been transcribed into dozens of languages and has influenced food policy around the world.

Robyn has taken the stage at some of the world’s most powerful brands, such as Bloomberg, Morgan Stanley, Google, General Mills, Aspen Idea Institute, Tony Robbins, Danone, General Mills and others. She’s been a featured speaker at noted conferences in Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain and around the world.


Years of Experience




TED Talks


Years ago, Robyn’s first foray into writing began with a column for Prevention Magazine, which quickly became the most popular column on their site. She’s contributed to several books on leadership, food, climate and the environment, and her work has been featured in a diverse array of publications from the New York Times, People and Runner’s World to Forbes, where she was listed on the Forbes Impact 50 List for her work at the intersection of food, finance and climate.

THE WORK Entrepreneur

Robyn is a partner at Montcalm. She joins as a market maker who focuses on scaling impact and partnerships for the impact investment firm that provides wealth management services based on intelligent investing, authentic relationships, and integrity with the planet. With 25 years of experience in impact, investing and entrepreneurship, Robyn is also the founder of AllergyKids Foundation, rePlant Capital, and an executive producer of the award-winning documentary, Common Ground. She consistently creates and drives change and growth in the food and finance industries.