Pre-order Robyn's new book, Seeding Innovation: BUY IT NOW
Pre-order Robyn's new book, Seeding Innovation: BUY IT NOW
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Robyn O’Brien is a sought-after keynote speaker who has taken stages all over the world to inspire her audiences on Courage, Leadership, Authenticity and Innovation.

Her wildly popular TED talk on our food system has been translated into dozens of languages and garnered over 1.5 million views and counting.

Robyn is a captivating speaker who has inspired audiences around the world with her authenticity, warmth, and powerful storytelling. Robyn’s talks have been consistently praised for their ability to inspire and motivate her audiences, provoke conversations that spark change, and leave audiences feeling courageous and strong.

She has spoken at some of the most powerful brands in the world, such as Google, Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, General Mills, Danone, Rabobank and more. She’s been a featured speaker at global conferences in Brazil, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and around the world.

Her superpower: Using authenticity as a tool to engage audiences and speak directly to the hearts of others. When she walks away, people take action.

When she’s not taking the stage, she’s working as a partner at Montcalm, an impact investment firm, aligning capital with purpose and driving returns for clients.


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A Call to Courage

When your purpose calls, will you be ready? What will you need beside you? Who will you need beside you? And do you have the right mindset? Learn how to know what to do when the greatest opportunities knock, how to build your personal inventory and supportive scaffolding so that you are resilient and ready.

Inventory for Change

Are you ready for change? From AI to robotics, to gender, equity and inclusion, the rate of change is accelerating, presenting both challenges and opportunities to organizations and leaders. Learn how to take a personal inventory assessment, how to build a strong team and governing board, so that you can avoid blind spots and paradigm blindness.

Paradigm Blindness: How to Tackle Blind Spots & Biases

In order to drive revenue and performance, you can’t be blindsided by the unexpected. Learn how to build a resilient team, board and mindset to ensure that your organization is positioned for opportunity in the 21st century. Inspired by data and changing demographics, you can capture market share and consumer hearts, when you lead with authenticity and purpose.

The Great Wealth Transfer

What happens when $30 trillion dollars changes hands, and women acquire wealth equivalent in size to the GDP of the United States? We are about to see a change in the financial system unlike anything we’ve seen before. It will
impact everything from financial advisors to education, health care and food systems. What steps do you need to take, as this materializes? And what happens when women control $30 trillion in wealth, a number equal in size to the US GDP?

The STOP Protocol

We’ve all had it, that little voice in your head that tears you down. The one asking, “Who are you to do this?” Tackling imposter syndrome and the naysayer in your mind is a key part of success. So how do you get a hold of it? How can you quiet the impact of naysayers? In this session, you will learn the STOP Protocol, and tools to help you deal with your biggest critics!



Seeding Innovation Publication date!


Google keynote

May 7 / Washington, DC

World Bank: Recipe for a Livable Planet


Applegate Annual Meeting

MAY 10 / Los Angeles

Women’s Summit

MAY 13 / Boulder, CO

Mad Ag Book Party

MAY 14 / Denver, CO

Women Transforming Food & Finance Breakfast

MAY 29-31 / San Francisco

TomKat Ranch

JUNE 5-7 / Los Angeles

EMA Impact Summit

JUNE 25 / Mexico City

TBD Keynote

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