Out of all of the speakers to choose from for your next event, there is only one with the Wall Street experience, industry insight, courage and passion of Robyn O’Brien. 

Her work has been praised by CEOs across industries, by Ted Turner, Dr. Oz, Erin Brockovich, Yoko Ono and members of Congress and recognized in the New York Times, on CNN, the Today Show, Forbes Women, the Chicago Tribune, Good Morning America, FOX News  and in TEDx talks and other media. 

Robyn draws on her background in finance as a food industry analyst, with meticulously detailed research and thorough analysis, as well as her personal experience, to create her inspiring message and dynamic presentation, personalized for your audience and occasion.

Robyn’s story is not just about food. It’s about finding your courage and believing in your ability to overcome challenges and to affect remarkable change.

Whether speaking to Wall Street, corporations, universities or non-profits, Robyn’s passionate belief that we all possess unique talents that make each of us capable of unforeseen accomplishments, and her gift for communication, have made her a sought-after motivational speaker, as she empowers change and inspires hope. Her passion and enthusiasm to motivate individuals and organizations provides her with a constant source of inspiration that she shares in her books, articles, media interviews and speaking engagements.

Through her work, Robyn is able to personalize a presentation for your organization that can include scientists, agriculturalists, chefs, “foodies” and unlikely “foodies” (like herself) in a way that is not only dynamic but also highly personal, authentic and engaging. 

“Robyn’s analysis is a startling revelation of the corruption of our food supply and our failure to protect two of our country’s most valuable assets, our children and our environment.  Her message of courage, tenacity and hope is a beacon of light in our toxic world.” —Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Robyn’s Speaking Topics Include:


Robyn leverages her expertise as a food industry analyst with her personal experience as a mother of four to bring practical and affordable solutions to healthy eating to real families with limited time and limited budgets.  Her topics for both consulting and speaking purposes include:

  • Fat Bottoms and the Bottom Line
  • Patriotism on a Plate
  • Generation Rx: What’s Happening to the Health of Our Families
  • A Call to Courage: The Impact of Inspired Bravery
  • The 5 A’s: Autism, Allergies, ADHD, Asthma and Additives
  • The 80/20 Rule and Simple Strategies to Surviving Eating in America


Robyn’s story focuses on that ability to listen to your heart in our increasingly noisy lives, and to draw on the internal strength that lies within all of us, in order to find something special, deep inside, when it matters – when the going gets tough – and when the world, your family or that little voice inside your head is telling you otherwise.  She addresses the personal challenges that we face when confronting new tasks (at home, in the workplace or in our personal lives), and how to discover your passion and nurture the drive that will sustain you through the darkest times.  She addresses finding courage and strength in order to nourish the hope that sustains motivation and helps you achieve successes.


Robyn addresses the important role that bonds play in nurturing inspiration and hope, particularly when the going is tough, focusing on finding new “teammates” when embarking on new adventures.  She highlights how collaboration creates opportunities that territorialism misses, focusing on encouraging trust, faith, humility and kindness, an ability to share the “pro’s” and the “cons”, the strengths and the weaknesses, in turn creating a team that is greater than the sum of the individual parts.


A realization that all of us have within us the qualities of an effective leader to inspire others to affect remarkable change.  Sometimes we have to learn these qualities, just as we learned to ski, type or cook, and sometimes we simply have to dig them out and dust them off!  But that in doing so, we learn more about ourselves, growing into our true capabilities, inspiring hope in those around us. Robyn addresses the importance of gratitude and attitude and their catalyzing forces in performance when others feel appreciated and valued.


That we all have our own issues and struggles. And learning that if we have the courage and bravery to actually confront our hardships that we will not only begin to understand ourselves and our own unique talents and gifts, but that we will inspire others to do the same, creating a sense of gratitude, acceptance and well-being that others will want to be part of.  And that in embracing ourselves, we will be open to the unique talents that we possess that make each of us special and give each of us the ability to achieve things that we might never have considered possible.

Business Topics

Robyn addresses Fortune 500 companies, inspiring change in the way that corporations care for the health of their employees.  Her presentations address the impact that chronic disease is having on health care costs and the global competitiveness of American corporations; action items that corporations can take to help rein in costs, enhance profitability and employee productivity; and inspiring takeaways that employers can give to their employees empowering them to not only improve their health but the corporation’s bottom line.

Through her work, Robyn is able to personalize a presentation for your organization that can include scientists, agriculturalists, chefs, “foodies” and unlikely “foodies” (like herself) in a way that is not only dynamic but also personal. 

Topics include: “Fat Bottoms and Your Bottom Line”,”Our National Dinner Table”, “How Real People Can Afford Organic”, “The Elephant in the Kitchen”, “The 80/20 Challenge”, “Food for Thought”, “Our National Eating Disorder,” “The Food Fund” and others. 

Other areas

Coping with sudden change; maximizing productivity; coping with life’s ups and down; coping with conflict; addressing the health costs associated with toxicity, at home, at work, and at the national level, and what we can do about it; thinking outside the box; knowing that individual success is the catalyzing moment when hard work, planning and preparation meets luck and opportunity.