Pre-order Robyn's new book, Seeding Innovation: BUY IT NOW
Pre-order Robyn's new book, Seeding Innovation: BUY IT NOW
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What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Find your


Every one of us on this planet is here for a reason — to fulfill a purpose — no matter how big or small. Even if you have already identified yours, it’s often still challenging to step fully into your purpose and calling. With 25 years of experience, I work with people like you to help you unlock fear. My new book, Seeding Innovation, offers guidance on finding the courage and mindset to fulfill your purpose. I know how to conquer the naysayers, paradigm blindness, and imposter syndrome that can hold you back. You will learn tools like the STOP Protocol that you can use personally or professionally to live a life of purpose and courage. I work with individuals, companies and organizations.

In Seeding Innovation: The Path to Profit and Purpose in the 21st Century, veteran entrepreneur, award winning author, global strategist, speaker, and Rice University Innovation and Entrepreneurship professor, Robyn O’Brien, delivers an insightful and data driven roadmap to authenticity and smart leadership in the face of accelerating technological, environmental, and social change. In the book, you’ll discover how to build resilience, authenticity, market share and purpose into your business plan and move beyond box-ticking, virtue signaling and one-dimensional metrics, in a way that strengthens your business model, enhances your bottom line, attracts investors, fortifies employee retention, and more.

With her characteristic candor and attention to data and deep experience on the frontlines of industry change, Robyn explains how you can transform concepts like paradigm blindness, scarcity, imposter syndrome, rejection, and fear to build durable, lasting, and profitable businesses that integrate social and environmental principles, with courage and integrity to drive long term shareholder and stakeholder value.

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ABOUT Robyn is here to drive impact. She started with food.

She is on Forbes’ Impact 50 List for her work at the intersection of agriculture, food, finance and climate. She is a partner at Montcalm and co-founder of rePlant Capital, financial services firms scaling impact and climate solutions.

She is a bestselling author of Seeding Innovation, the Path to Profit and Purpose in the 21st Century (Wiley Publishing 2024), and of the award-winning book, The Unhealthy Truth, How Our Food Is Making Us Sick and What We Can Do About It (Random House 2009), and her 2011 TEDx talk has been viewed by millions and translated into dozens of languages.

THE WORK It's Time to
Find Your Purpose

A Call to Courage


A Call to Courage
Book me to speak about finding purpose


Book me to speak about finding purpose

THE PODCAST A Call to Courage

“A Call to Courage” is a dynamic podcast that spotlights thought leaders and pioneers who’ve unlocked courage to become trailblazers and revolutionize their industries. Hosted by Robyn O’Brien, the show offers a deep dive into the stories of exceptional individuals who’ve embraced their values and courage and used them as a competitive edge to challenge the status quo.

Each episode provides a transparent firsthand account of how these trailblazers uncovered their purpose to fuel their success. Through candid conversations, you’ll gain insights, tips, and actionable strategies giving you a unique advantage in your journey to live an inspired life.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned professional, this show is your source of inspiration and guidance, showing you how courage can be your catalyst for innovation and legacy in business. The podcast will go live in the Summer of 2024.