Tell the President to VETO the Dark Act!

It’s time for the GMO labeling movement to come together like never before.

Both the House and the Senate have passed the DARK Act, Monsanto’s dream bill designed to outlaw state GMO labeling laws and permanently keep consumers in the dark about what’s in our food.

Now, the DARK Act is on President Obama’s desk awaiting his signature. Pro-labeling allies have launched a petition on to call on the president to VETO the DARK Act, and we need you to help us get to 100,000 signatures.

Add your name to tell President Obama to VETO the DARK Act.

Even if we lose, we’ll keep fighting. If the DARK Act is signed into law, consumers will be stuck with complicated QR codes that will need to be scanned with a smartphone. The law will also invalidate all state-based labelling requirements, and even prevent states from passing these laws in the future.

This QR code “compromise” is just the latest trick cooked up by Monsanto and their corporate allies. 100,000,000 Americans (most of them poor, people of color, or elderly) don’t have access to smartphones or live in areas with poor internet connectivity — meaning they’ll have no way of knowing what’s in the food they’re feeding their families.

It’s unfair, it’s unacceptable, and it’s un-American. Add your name to tell President Obama to veto this discriminatory bill and give all consumers the right to know what’s in their food.