Monsanto Pushes Their “Support” for GMO Labeling

The Senate is dealing with the issue of GMO labeling again, with Monsanto pushing their “support” for GMO labeling with QR “smart codes” instead of plain English on the package.

Monsanto’s version of “support” would require every consumer to use a smart phone, an app and to scan every product that they are considering for purchase in order to learn whether or not the product contains genetically engineered ingredients. It’s bogus, as American food companies are already labeling genetically engineered ingredients on their packages overseas and beginning to do the same on their packages, in plain English, here in the United States (finally!).

The Monsanto bill is just more of the same: an attempt to cover up and hide their products from consumers who are demanding to know what is really in our foods. Watch the video then call your Senator at 1-877-796-1949 to say you OPPOSE these new efforts by Monsanto to limit our right to know what’s in our food.