RRGreenAll brands, companies and products highlighted in the Robyn Recommends program are products that Robyn and her family use regularly.

At any time, on any given day, these products can be found in her home.

Wherever possible, Robyn has invested the time visiting the headquarters, manufacturing facilities and offices of these companies to meet with the management and production teams.

Robyn’s philosophy is to “focus on progress, not perfection,” and she and her family adhere to her “80/20 Rule,” where 80% of the time, you do the best you can, the other 20% of the time allows you the grace and flexibility to live in the real world and adjust for everyday living. Robyn feels that the 80/20 approach is extremely important in order to help her readers and followers to focus on “progress not perfection,” to not make ‘the perfect’ the enemy of ‘the good,’ and to address the fact that diet is no longer one size fits all, as well as to assure against disordered eating.

Her mission is to engage her followers in the food movement in a positive and meaningful way, making the shift accessible and affordable.

She is proud to work with these sponsors.


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