Drawn towards social responsibility, Robyn is a sought-after consultant who works with individuals and organizations to create mission-driven solutions that recognize not only the importance of people, profit and the planet, but that also provide meaningful purpose.  Her strategic advisory firm has worked with some of the world’s largest multinational food companies and some of its most powerful startups.  She serves on the advisory board of several companies.

Robyn helps corporations, schools, legislators, non-profits and individuals seeking to create change by helping them to:

  • Understand the rapid changes occurring in the health needs of their consumer
  • Anticipate market trends
  • Develop and promote “better for you” products and convey their importance to crossover consumers
  • Communicate the importance of health and wellness internally so that employees can serve as catalysts for change to clients
  • Critically interpret health studies in order to develop product portfolios and programs with targeted accuracy
  • Dispel myths around marketing to moms in order to develop cutting-edge expertise when communicating with the consumer
  • Create employee incentive programs that reduce healthcare costs and the impact of that the burden of diseases are having on the bottom line
  • Robyn also hosts online educational series to inform and inspire organizations, employees and individuals.