“I believe that in the absence of the truth, all of us stand helpless to defend ourselves, our families and our health, which is the greatest gift we have. You don’t have to be a doctor or a scientist to look into whether our food supply is safe, and Robyn O’Brien’s courageous pursuit of THE UNHEALTHY TRUTH is an example of how we can all do our parts to protect the health of our families.” –Erin Brockovich

“I admire your activism on behalf of children.  Best of luck spreading your important message.” –Ted Turner

“Robyn’s compelling analysis of the corruption of our food supply is a startling revelation of the flaws in our system. While Robyn’s story reveals our failure to protect two of our country’s most valuable assets, our children and our environment, her guiding message of courage, tenacity and hope is a beacon of light in our toxic world.” -Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Robyn O’Brien inspires us in THE UNHEALTHY TRUTH with the information that she’s learned about our food supply and offers practical and affordable steps to take to protect the health of our families.” –Dr. Oz, Columbia University, Oprah

“Robyn O’Brien’s fervent message describes the toxic tangle of American food, government, and culture. THE UNHEALTHY TRUTH is a healthy dose of medicine that we all need to swallow, and I say this as an advocate for the environment, but more importantly, as a father of five.” –Graydon Carter, Editor-in-chief, Vanity Fair

“The information that Robyn O’Brien has uncovered in this book is so astonishing and has such powerful implications on the health of our nation’s children, I almost don’t want to believe it. But she backs up everything she says with solid science and reputable resources that I must believe. Robyn’s book is a call to action. The information you are about to read in The Unhealthy Truth will change your life.” –Dr. Bob Sears, author of THE VACCINE BOOK and leading pediatric specialist

“Robyn O’Brien’s detective work has unearthed the hidden dangers in our foods. She shows readers how to wean kids off the groceries that are making them ill. Robyn has helped us immensely–she saved our lives! We believe wholeheartedly in her remarkable efforts to protect American families.” –Malaak and Chris Rock

“As eaters, we are all shareholders in our food supply and can learn from Robyn’s work. Her efforts are both inspiring and important. ” –Nell Newman, Co-Founder and President of Newman’s Own Organics

 “Thank you for what you are doing.  It is changing the world.” –Doug Ulman, CEO of LIVESTRONG

“Robyn O’Brien is amazing.  I am honored to know her.” –Mariel Hemingway

“It is an inspiration to see someone so passionate about their work and such a worthy cause.”Jim Bell, Executive Producer, TODAY SHOW at NBC

Your book is just so important.  Thank you so much for your work.” –Bonnie Raitt, musician

“The book is great. Robyn is keeping it closer to her heart/family and is very wise.  Frightning facts everybody should be aware of.  The language is simple and easty to read as well.  With my love.” -Yoko Ono

“Robyn O’Brien combines her personal experience as a mother out to protect her children and the inquisitorial instincts of a reporter for compelling insights into the hidden health dangers of the food we eat. It is this kind of personally motivated reportage that has the potential to change the way we think about how our food supply is manipulated long before it reaches our tables.” –Mark Schapiro, Editorial Director, Center for Investigative Reporting, author: EXPOSED: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What’s at Stake for American Power

“With four small children in tow, Robyn O’Brien is the new example of what a passionate and outraged parent can accomplish. Her book offers access to honest and credible information that is a true reality-check for your kitchen table. Read it, be inspired, shop smarter, and ensure a healthier future for your children and family.” –Christopher Gavigan, CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World

“Smart, courageous, and on mark, The Unhealthy Truth: How Our Food is Making us Sick will be the best investment for you and your family’s health, get it now!” –Emme, Self esteem and body image advocate and founder of EmmeStyle.com

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“Robyn has the tenacity and passion to tackle one of our nation’s most important problems today: the food supply.” –David Ludwig, MD, PhD, Harvard University, author, Ending the Food Fight:Guide your Child to a Healthy Weight in a Fast Food/Fake Food World

“This book should be sent to every member of Congress.” – Alison Deldicque, Harvard MBA, Mother of Three

“You are remarkable.  You are going to make a very big difference.  I am rarely moved to such lavish praise after authors speak, but you literally have it all: passion, clarity, intelligence, compassion, wit, authenticity, and a big heart that holds it all together.” –Paul Hawken, entrepreneur, journalist, environmentalist and best-selling author

“You and your message are simply amazing.  The planet, our children and theirs, are benefitting and will benefit from your labor of love.” –Laura Turner Seydel, daughter of Ted Turner, Chairman Captain Planet Foundation, Mother

“People need to know what you know.” -Karoline Carlson, Equity Manager, Mother